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What we do

We are world-leading experts and suppliers of software solutions and services for connected devices industries where mobile and wireless solutions are used. We offer world class operations and execution capability, both on-site and offshore.

Using tailored solutions, systems design, integration and testing we help drive down development time and costs for leading industry players. We are increasingly using Open Source Software components and software created by our strategic partner network to make our offer even more comprehensive ? and our customers more successful. We rapidly understand emerging needs and we proactively propose solutions to our customers.

Our marketplace

Our customers are world leading technology companies that need to develop new technologies or enhance existing solutions for the mobile marketplace.

We have a long and strong track record delivering software solutions, where we work with all the leading device manufacturers, chipset vendors, platform providers, mobile carriers and Internet companies within their ecosystems. We contribute to the converging world of mobile and Internet, and we work will all industries where mobile and wireless solutions are used, such as consumer devices, automotive and enterprise.

Where we are

The Group has about 2,000 employees in 11 countries in Asia, Europe and North America. We have offshore centers in Russia, China and India, and a nearshore center in Poland.

How we make a difference

Our customers gain the benefit of working with local project managers, while our services and solutions can be tailored and developed anywhere in the world to exactly fit customer requirements.

When we share our expertise, our software assets and our partner network, we help our customers shorten development time and cost throughout the entire project lifecycle.


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