questionnaire results

Is high time we published the results of the questionnaire we have sent some time ago to participants. We have received 75 answers. This is 50% of the attendees so I believe result of the poll should be accurate. Overall rating Is great to see that 91% of the people have positively assesed the conference. [...]

Windows Phone powered contest

Mr Bartłomiej Zass have informed us about an amazing contest of Code Gu where you can win Windows Phone 7 powered device. The contest is not easy, you have to publish 5 application for Windows Phone 7 platform in the market place until the end of year 2011. Details in codegru site here and here.

Half of presentation already on youtube our filming crew, have already published their work on youtube channel. You can see all presentations they have recorded during our conference. Please also visit their new webpage and see what initiatives they support. Thank you for your cooperation

Evaluations of the conference

There are already few early reports from the battlefield published on the web. If you know some others please let us know and we will update the list. First by our filming crew: Our friend’s blog: From Wrocław: youtube channel: Tomasz Dziurko’s blog:

First mission of has been completed

Yesterday, we have completed the mission to launch our first edition of the event. Free and community driven conference on mobile technologies. Łódź showed real hunger for the initiative. We have been visited by 147 people (including speakers and sponsors). This means that only about 20 people did not show up! This is really [...] is almost ready! is almost ready! We have just checked live streaming and audio systems in the venue. Everything works great! See you tomorrow at first mobile conference in Łódź. There will be wi-fi connection available during the conference. The password will be posted on the wall (real wall not Facebook one ). We will provide some [...]

Android Application

Mobile conference – should have a mobile application – our conference has even two applications! Please download them – they will help you find Mobilization and the best subject on conference. First made by HQSolution, you find in Google Market: Second application is made by Andrzej Stasiak – member of JUG Łódź This [...]

How to find will be held next Saturday! Please find some instructions how to reach us here. We advise you, that Łódź undergoes some heavy construction in the middle of the city and Łódź Fabryczna station is closed. Trains go to Łódź Widzew or Łódź Kaliska stations and buses (PKS) end routes at Łódź Kaliska. Please mind [...]


Sii big company from Poland has decided to join the mobilization. We warmly welcome our new silver sponsor ? Sii sp. z o.o. Sii is one of the leaders within the field of rendering services from the area of IT as well as from the field of modern technologies. Sii support clients within the scope [...]

Poznan JUG

Some days before, due to generosity of Poznań Java User Group the banner for our conference ( was placed at the top of the page. It immediately caused increased number of visitors and queries from potential sponsors and a nice proposal for an Android presentation. Thanks for your support, community!

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