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Is high time we published the results of the questionnaire we have sent some time ago to participants.

We have received 75 answers. This is 50% of the attendees so I believe result of the poll should be accurate.

Overall rating

Is great to see that 91% of the people have positively assesed the conference.

The conference

The venue


We believe that Forum76 was a good host for the conference and you also shared that opinion.

Some minor issues were reported though in the open questions:

  • Foyer was not spacious enough
  • There was a noise from the other room (especially in the dark side)
  • Technical details should be secured before the conference (cables and video signal quality)



We have to admit that we could do better job in placing information inside the building. Perhaps some kind of map would be a good idea for the next year.

Conference rooms and presentation assignment



We are glad that feedback was generally positive. Some people did not liked assymetric capacity of the rooms. This impression have been strengthened by unfortunate assignment of some presentations which result in overcrowding in the dark side and vacuum in the force room. We promise to select more wisely next year.

The conference organization





We had few aspects that you did not liked. First of all, places to eat lunch were located too far away. Secondly we set a lunch break too short and many of you have been late for the after lunch sessions.

T-shirts & gadgets


Most of you have assessed this items very high. For us, T-shirts are symbols of the community conference so we will continue with that next year!

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