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Yesterday, we have completed the mission to launch our first edition of the event. Free and community driven conference on mobile technologies.

Łódź showed real hunger for the initiative. We have been visited by 147 people (including speakers and sponsors). This means that only about 20 people did not show up! This is really amazing result as for free conference. Additionally, live broadcast by inspire group has been visited by 108 unique visitors.

This audience saw 13 presentations on Android, Windows Phone and iPhone and due to absence of one of the speakers a last minute presentation about being Agile in corporation.

We would like to express our gratitude to all the speakers for their effort and time. They spared their Saturday and many days before to prepare their presentations. For sure they have planted lot of inspiration in the hearts of those who enjoyed their shows.

This event would not have started without a trust from our sponsors. Natural born sponsors were companies we work in: Cybercom, Mobica and TomTom. Teleca is another company from Łódź who supported the effort. Besides those companies we got support from firms outside of Łódź namely: Norbsoft (Warsaw), QNH (Wrocław), Sii (Warsaw + more), HQSolutions (Warsaw).

In the after party we got about 20 people and got some immediate feedback about the conference. I believe we have avoided major flaws. In few days we will send some questionnaires to assess how many of you liked the event, should we continue next year, what must be improved etc. We will publish the results after we will process them internally.

We have started preparing this conference in August this year. That month we defined success as 100 visitors and 8 presentations.
147 people and 13 presentations is far more than we imagined and yes we did that in 2.5 months.

We are grateful to Microsoft, Mobica and Młodzi w Łodzi for funding some gadgets to distribute at finally block of our conference.

Enormous thanks to people who decided to visit the conference, see the presentations and spend Saturday with us.

We appreciate the work of filming crews: and The recordings will be available as soon as possible either on youtube or their servers.

Finally, I would like to thank all the people who supported us through the painful (but enjoyable) process of organization of this conference. Our wives/partners who shared the stresses together with us. Our friends who decided to privately donate the conference, offered help, ideas.

As the last word please remember that the pain is only temporary, the victory is forever.

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